Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gatorlytes vs. Muscle Cramping.

This morning at 4am I put a couple ice cubs in an 8 ounce glass and filled it half full w/ Fruit Punch Gatorade Endurance, half full with water and a full packet of Gatorlytes made by Gatorade. The mix has 0 calories, but is packed full or Potassium (400mg) and Sodium (780mg) as well as 10% of ones daily requirement for Magnesium. As stated on their website, the mix is for athletes that suffer from cramping. That's certainly me!

It was flavorless, aside from adding a more salty taste to the Fruit Punch Gatorade Endurance flavor. It didn't upset my stomach at all, but I did wait for over an hour before I ran; on their website it says to take it 60-90 minutes before your "competition". It was a cool day out (averaged around 60 during my run) so this probably played a part in how great I felt, but even at cooler temps I usually still get crampy after 15 miles.

15 miles came and gone and I thought to my self, "alright cramps, where are you?" Mile 16, nothing. Mile 17 a little soreness in my hips, but no cramps. Mile 18 still no cramps!

Was it the Gatorlytes that took care of my horribly distracting and painful calf cramps that usually arise? I have a feeling it was! It was great to run past 15 for the first time without the pain! I'll test again on my 20 mile run. If I am cramp free on my 20 mile training run, then I'll stock up on the mix. I might also bring a packet as a "just in case" during the marathon, as it says you can use it during activity as well.

As a side note, this stuff is a little hard to find. The only places that currently sell it are GNC and Dicks Sporting Goods.

Tip - GNC has mix and match buy one get one free on Gatorade products through the end of Sept!


  1. This is a very nice post, so informative and interesting. Thanks for sharing such a great post.


  2. This is a problem of mine that I mostly solved by taking salt packets with me on my runs. But I will definitely go out and try this stuff! Thanks for the tip!

  3. This is my problem as well. I can't event complete 30 miles bike ride without drinking Gatorlytes

    Gatorlytes rules the world!

  4. I live in FL where it gets DARN HOT. We really have to worry about salt replacement. Try SaltStick Caps. They work great. I highly recommend them.