Wednesday, September 1, 2010

18-Mile Training Run.

This Saturday I will be running 18 miles in preparation for the Columbus Marathon in October. It will be my longest distance this year (I ran 16 miles two weeks back). I'm still tweaking my fueling strategy for the race; I'm feeling a bit tight, crampy (and cranky!) at the end of my long runs. I found out that raisins are high in potassium, so I think I'm going to take a small box of those with me this time around – they are small and seem easy enough to digest. See my race plan below that I'll be practicing this weekend.

Two Days Before:
Breakfast: cereal and soy milk, orange juice
Lunch: something healthy, high carb, high protein and low in fat
Snack(s): banana, raisins, bagel
Dinner: simple pasta w/ marinara, bread
Drink: extra water

Day Before:
Breakfast: something healthy, high carb, high protein and low in fat, orange juice
Lunch: something healthy and low in fat
Snack(s): banana, raisins, bagel, gatorade
Dinner: simple pasta w/ marinara, bread
Drink: 20oz of Gatorade Endurance Formula, extra water

Morning of Run:
Pre-Breakfast: Gatorlytes Mix & 20oz of Gatorade Endurance Formula
Breakfast: bagel with peanut butter, banana, orange juice

During Run:
Gatorade Endurance Formula (3-5oz approx. every 1.25m at the 21 aid stations)
Water w/ Nuun Tablet (3oz every 10 minutes)
Carb Boom Gel (every hour)
Shot Blox (1 every half hour)
Raisins (half box at miles 5, 10, 15, 20)

After Run:
Immediately - Odwalla Super Protein Chocolate drink, banana
Within 2 hrs - full meal


  1. You really should think about using Enduralytes right before and during your long runs. They have gotten rid of my cramping issues, even during an Ironman.

  2. Good luck with your fueling. I hope your 18-miler went well.

  3. Thanks for the advice Mike and your encouragement Christina! The Gatorlytes seemed to work for my muscle cramping! It's crazy that after mile 15 I actually felt really good and didn't have the crazy calf cramping that often brings me to a walk and that won't ever go away. Any thoughts about consuming protein (i.e. Accel Gel) after 2 hours into endurance events? I haven't tried it yet, but wonder if I should give it a shot after some reading I've done on nutrition for endurance events tonight.